2 Home Buying Tips You Haven’t Heard

Are you currently searching out a brand new home in a brand new city? If you’re new to Southeast Tennessee, welcome! There is so much to think about when deciding on a home to purchase. How many square feet is it? Does it have any modern upgrades? Is it in a good neighborhood? How is the school system? One major part of a home that should be considered before you purchase it is the roof. The condition of the roof on the home that you are considering purchasing is essential when discussing the property’s value. For example, a 1985 brick rancher with a well maintained 12 year old roof will retain it’s property value in comparison to one that has significant damage or one that has fewer years left in its roof’s lifespan. Here are two tips to keep in mind when touring homes in the area to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible before you sign a contract.

Check For Missing Or Damaged Shingles On A Home

While touring homes throughout your search, be sure to look for missing sections of shingles on the roof of each structure.  Examine the roof as a whole as best as you can from the ground. You may see a small group of shingles that are slightly different than the other shingles that make up the roof. This could mean that there was localized damage at a specific time, and that a repair was made.

shingle damage from wind on home

Missing shingles from wind damage.

We suggest that you inquire about those findings and get a detailed report from the homeowner about what happened and if they repaired the roof themselves or if they hired a professional roofing company to repair the damaged section. The best option for you as a buyer is to get all of the details that you can from the homeowner, and if the homeowner agrees, have our team come out for a FREE roof inspection. Together we can get down to the bottom of whatever issue you discover.

Check For Interior Damage & Leaks In A Home

After you step inside the homes during your tour, make sure to evaluate the ceilings and walls thoroughly. A tell-tell sign of a leaky roof or roof damage is water spots on the ceiling. You may notice paint or texture such as popcorn or orange peal begin to bubble or even appear discolored. Depending upon how significant the damage is, there may be mold visible.

damage from leak on home

Damage from leak on roof.

We recommend asking the homeowner for a detailed report regarding this finding as well. You might trust the seller in these kind of situations, but your best bet is to have a professional roofing company come out to take a closer look at the damage before proceeding with a contract. For example, one of our professional team members can climb in the attic of the home and evaluate the extent of the damage. He may find that the roof has been repaired or replaced, and that the damage is old and can be fixed with a few simple repairs that can be defined in your contract per your offer on the house. However, he could also find that the report that you were given from the current homeowner may not line up with the facts that you are given after the FREE roof inspection. Regardless, you can’t go wrong when you give us a call to come and evaluate the situation.

If you are in the process of purchasing a home, please take advantage of Premiere Roofing Services‘ FREE roof inspection before you sign a contract! We are here to help. We will not push our services or our opinions on you. Instead, we will provide only helpful and true advice after giving you the facts. Give us a call today!