Is Your Roof Ready For Spring?

Now that spring temperatures are finally here and winter is quickly wrapping up, it’s important to do a quick evaluation of your roof as a whole to be sure that it’s ready for spring. You roof may have been through several kinds of extreme winter weather. In Southeast Tennessee, we typically see mild winters. Still, your roof saw chilling temperatures, snow, ice, wind, rain, and more!


While most people assume the majority of roof damage takes place in the spring and summer months, there can still be damage done in the colder months. Damage that occurs in the colder months oftentimes goes unnoticed for weeks or months at a time simply because homeowners aren’t as inclined to be outside in freezing temperatures. Moreover, as soon as it begins to warm up, it’s a great idea to do a quick evaluation of your roof’s overall health. Here are several things to check out before the warmer season hits.


Attic Leaks



You probably already put your Christmas tree back up at this point. When you were up in your attic storing away holiday decorations and pulling out spring decorations, did you notice any new leaks? While there may not be water literally dripping into your attic when you’re up there looking, try and locate dark spots or damp spots on your visible roof deck. The plywood that makes up your roof deck may appear darker in color or even bowed depending on the severity of the leak if one has occurred. As long as everything appears dry, you should be good to go!


Gutter Damages



Many homeowners brush over the importance of making sure their gutters are working properly. Your gutter system is responsible for carrying water away from your home instead of allowing it to sit around causing damage. Check to be sure that your downspouts are carrying water far enough away from your foundation to avoid leaks or flooding in your basement or crawl space.


Check the inside of your gutters for debris such as leaves, sticks, shingle debris or components, nests, and more. If you find shingle debris, it may mean that your roof is aging and it may be nearing the end of its life. If you have to climb on a ladder, do so with caution. Never climb on a ladder without someone else being present. It’s never a good idea to take chances and end up getting hurt.


Flashing Damage


roof vents


If you’re not sure what flashing is, it’s the metal stuff that appears around areas such as chimneys and roof vents. Flashing is responsible for pushing water away from areas that it could become trapped, and could turn into a nasty leak. Check to be sure that the flashing appears to be in tact and in place as it was before the winter season began. This may require a professional roofing company to come out and safely climb on to your roof for further inspection.


Missing Shingles




It goes without saying that it’s very important to make sure that no shingles are missing or are visibly damaged. Damage could include buckling or bowing, torn bits and pieces, or completely missing sections all together. If you do notice a section of shingles missing or damaged, it’s important to call a professional roofing company as soon as possible to quickly repair your roof. Spring is known for its stormy nature which includes lots of rain and potentially high winds and hail. You want to be sure that you roof is up to par and ready to protect your family from the weather to come.


If you are looking for a professional roofing company in the Cleveland, TN, area, give us a call! We offer 100% FREE roof inspections, and we never pressure our clients into a purchase they don’t need. We look forward to serving your family in the future.