How To Get Rid Of Moss On Your Roof

Depending upon where you live and the climate surrounding your home year-round, you may notice moss developing at times on parts of your roof. While there is no real impending danger for moss growing on your roof, it can still be a headache to look at and deal with on your long list as a homeowner. True, your health isn’t in jeopardy because of the moss, but your curbside appeal is suffering. So, what can you do as a homeowner to remedy this situation? Here is a basic guide to cleaning moss from your shingles.


We mentioned earlier that there is no immediate impending doom for your roof if there is moss on it. However, if left untreated, it can cause damage to your roof over time. For example, the moss on the shingles can begin to degrade, shortening its expected lifespan. Moss starts as a thin green layer on and between shingles, but then it proceeds to lift those shingles up as it grows, allowing water to seep underneath. Hello, wood rot and leaks. Fortunately, removing moss is a fairly simple task that you can perform on a seasonal or as-needed basis to keep your roof watertight and great-looking.


Materials You’ll Need


  1. Large, sturdy ladder
  2. Safety glasses
  3. Rubber gloves
  4. Garden hose with a spray nozzle
  5. Long-handled soft bristle scrubber (ensure that no stiff bristles are used as they could damage your shingles)
  6. Approved shingle cleaner or DIY mix below
  7. Garden sprayer
  8. Plastic covering or sheet/tarp
  9. Non-slip shoes


Step 1


Be sure to wear your non-slip shoes! This is crucial when climbing on a ladder, especially when water is involved and things can get slippery. Also, never climb on a ladder alone. Always make sure there is another person there to spot you, regardless of how high you’re climbing, but especially on your roof.


Step 2


Now, place your sturdy ladder near the moss infested section of your roof, and ensure that the ladder is on a flat surface. Begin your ascent. Simply spray the moss area with water using your water hose nozzle. Now, grab your scrubber and gently rub in a downward motion on top of the moss. Be careful not to lift or damage the shingles below the moss. Also, be sure never to use a pressure washer on your roof. The powerful water can damage your shingles.


If the plain water and simply scrubbing didn’t work to eliminate the moss on your roof, it’s time to take the next step.


Grab the roof-approved mix you purchased from a local department store such as Lowe’s or Home Depot or a DIY mix. Before you begin mixing the solution in prep to begin spraying, take a look around the base of your home. The solutions can be damaging to areas such as decking, landscaping, and furniture. If you have any of these things below where you will be treating, it’s a good idea to cover them in case extra spray were to hit them and damage them.


DIY Moss-Eliminating Solution


  1. 8 ounces Dawn Ultra dish soap + 2 gallons of water
  2. 1 pound powdered oxygen bleach + 2 gallons of water
  3. 1½ to 3½ cups chlorine bleach + 2 gallons of water
  4. 1½ to 3½ cups white distilled vinegar + 2 gallons of water


After you mix these materials together, and after you have sprayed the affected area with plain water, it’s time to get spraying. Simply add these items to your garden sprayer and administer a light-medium spray for full coverage over the moss. Let is stand for 20-30 minutes and then use your soft bristled brush to lightly scrub the moss. After you have knocked several pieces loose, grab your garden hose with the spray nozzle and lightly spray in a downward motion. The remaining moss should begin to run down to your gutters. Great job!


Before you put your ladder up, make sure to clean out your gutters. People often forget to clean their gutters out after a roof cleaning like this, but it truly is essential. If you have any further questions, we are happy to help answer them. Also, if you would prefer a professional remedy your moss situation, we can help with that as well. Just give us a call. We offer free inspections as well.