4 Spring Cleaning Tips

The words “Spring Cleaning” sometimes can strike fear into the minds of lots of people. Memories of Mom and Dad waking you up early on a Saturday for a day full of cleaning aren’t exactly the most motivating things to remember as an adult. But in our opinion at Premiere Roofing Services, Spring Cleaning gets a bad rap. There’s nothing like coming home on a perfect day to a sparkling clean home on the inside and on the outside. Here are 4 tips for quick and easy Spring cleaning that will last all year.


  1. Organize Using Bins

It may seem simple, but using small bins to separate and control the clutter that builds up in your home over the winter can make a huge difference. Small baskets and drawers are inexpensive, and make it easy to stow away those random knick-knacks that always seem to find their way onto your coffee table or kitchen counter.


  1. Wash The OUTSIDE of Your Windows

Washing the windows can make a big difference. Doing this can not only improve the way other people see your house, it can improve your own opinion of it! But here’s a tip to take your window washing to the next level: wash the outsides too! Rain, wildlife, dust, and normal wear & tear can make your windows much dirtier than you’d expect. For those pesky second and third floor windows, using a pressure washer with streak-free soap can make washing your windows easy and fun.


  1. Vacuum Your Mattress

We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping. That’s a HUGE chunk! This means your mattress is full of bacteria, dead skin cells, and even microscopic insects (gross). Running over your mattress with a handheld vacuum is quick and easy, and can instantly improve the quality of your sleep. Imagine crawling into bed with freshly cleaned sheets AND a freshly cleaned mattress. Bliss.


  1. Wax The Floors

Sometimes, mopping only goes so far. You can break out every trick in the book to clean your hardwood floors, but after a few hours they’re still as dull as ever. Waxing your hardwood floors once a year is a wonderful way to keep your house looking brand new. Don’t have a huge floor waxing machine? You’re not alone. Luckily, renting a floor waxer is cheap and inexpensive. Not to mention, using a floor waxer is a lot more fun than it should be (don’t be afraid to be a kid again).


Dive head first into Spring Cleaning this year unafraid and determined. Along with these 4 Spring Cleaning Tips, make sure to inspect your siding, roof, guttering system, landscaping, and driveway to make sure your home is top-notch. Making sure your home is protected on the outside is even more important than how it looks on the inside. Now get to work! Spring is almost here!