Don’t Fall For “Free” Anymore

Too Good To Be True?


Time after time you may have heard that an offer is “free”, when in reality it isn’t. You may be burnt out by this point. You may hear the word free and roll your eyes. You may wait on the edge of your seat for the “catch” that seems to follow any offer that includes the word free.


Well, that perception is unfortunate yet understandable in today’s society. Nothing is ever as good as it sounds. The old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is…” may be permanently engrained in your brain. However, when it comes to free roof inspections, there’s no catch with Premiere Roofing Services in Cleveland, TN.


If you have ever requested an inspection on something for your car or home, more than likely there was some sort of fee attached at the end of the inspection. A bill was mailed to you that you didn’t expect. An invoice was created that you had to sign before the technician left. All of this happened while you were under the impression that an inspection is free. After all, the technician didn’t actually fix anything or perform any labor while they were there, right? We understand the frustration.


Cut The Gimmicks


Well the misleading stops here. When you request a roof inspection with Premiere Roofing Services, it is in fact free. There is no catch. There is no hidden fee. You won’t receive a bill in the mail a week later, nor will you be pressured into any decision after the inspection is complete.


No strings attached. Really.


Instead, you’ll get an honest overview of the health of your roof. You will have someone to answer your questions, if you have any after the inspection is complete.


So go ahead and pick up the phone or fill out the Get A Quote form on our website. When we say free, we mean free. No gimmicks. We look forward to serving you soon!